Hipster Logic


Playing music from an iPhone or iPod Touch is a great. However, there wasn't a way to be able to quickly glance at what song was playing and control basic music functions easily.

JukeboxCTRL is great for whenever you want to quickly see what's being played and control it.

- Quick and easy access to music functions such as play/pause, skip, & volume
- Large print song information
- Night mode. Turns screen controls dark.
- Auto lock disabler

- Next: Swipe from right to left. Like turning a page.
- Previous: Swipe from left to right. Like turning a page.
- Play/Pause: Single tap
- Volume: Lower right button
- Night mode: Upper left button
- Shuffle: Lower left button


JukeboxCTRL App Info:

Version: 1.0
Price: $0.99 USD
Devices Supported: iPhone and iPod Touch
iOS Requirements: iOS 5.0 or greater
App Store Link: iTunes App Store Link