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Analog Power Meter Template

When I first saw the Analog Power Meters (Current & Voltage) on a recent SparkFun Thursday product post, my first thought was that it would be very neat if it was possible to make a scale template for the meter. As it turns out, it is! There is a few different formats for the template linked below. (PDF, PNG, XCF) But first, a few pictures on how to install this template.

0) Print Template & Cut out Template
On the top, left, and right sides, cut to the inside of the black line. If you don't, it can cause your new scale to push up and interfere with the needles movement.

1) Disassemble your Analog Power Meter
There will be 4 screws to remove. A PH1 screwdriver works well to remove these.

2) Insert New Scale
When inserting the new scale, make sure you do not bent the pointer.

3) Reassemble and you're done!
Put everything back together. You now have a Custom Analog Power Meter to use in your next greatest project!

PDF File: Download
PNG Image: Download
GIMP Project (XCF): Download
All in ZIP: Download

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